It is patently evident that SiP has become the expected next revolution in computing.

Silicon Photonics (SiP) is the study and application of photonic systems which use silicon as an optical medium. Over the past two decades, silicon photonics has become one of the leading photonic integrated circuit (PIC) technologies owing to its promises for large-scale integration, low-cost and high-volume productions.

SiP also will have an important key role supporting computer communications. Progress in computer technology is becoming increasingly dependent on faster data transfer between and within microchips. Optical interconnects provide a way forward, and silicon photonics will be particularly useful, once integrated on standard silicon chips. In 2006 Former Intel senior vice president Pat Gelsinger stated that, “Today, optics is a niche technology. Tomorrow, it's the mainstream of every chip that we build.”


It is patently evident that SiP has become the expected next revolution in computing. Copper traces in silicon chips have reached their limit in bandwidth and speed. With SiP, the future of light computing’ has arrived. Computer chips will soon communicate literally at the speed-of-light and with bandwidth and data capacities that are beyond what our imaginations dreamed of a decade ago. The leader in these developments will reap enormous benefits.

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